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98012: and the Guardian’s Key

This is the first Sci-Fantasy novel in my latest series. Its available via Amazon/Kindle! 🙂 You might wanna get that because all the cool kids are and you don’t wanna be left behind. (TO ALL BOOK REVIEWERS: Please contact me at for setting up a book review.) Synopsis below.

Guardian's key cover

What would you do if your whole world was made up of lies?

In the distant future, society makes a commitment to a more peaceful existence. Conformity is the rule, and any sign of obvious uniqueness is eliminated. A teenager named Marcus 98012, begins to have recurrent dreams about the covered up history of the human race. His dreams bring him clear memories of fanciful creatures and things he has been told exist only in fairy tales. Still, the thoughts of imaginary concepts such as animals, technology and family seem as real as the school he has lived in his whole life.

Marcus’s younger and loyal friend Andrew 98087, lives in the school with him. Although he pokes fun at Marcus for his strange dreams, he can’t help but think there is more to the institution than they’ve been told. There are unexplainable things all around them: the mysterious elders, the disappearances of students and the oddly different Leila 98001.

The peaceful world that Marcus lives in quickly reveals itself to be far from perfection. With new dangers and surprises waiting for him around every corner, he soon discovers that nothing is what it seems. During Marcus’s search for the truth, he becomes a threat to the elders that run this orderly world and he must decide between trying to destroy the system or escaping it with his life.

98012: and the Guardian’s Key is available now on Amazon! Get your copy here!